McLaren’s F1 team confirmed that their coronavirus infected employee is currently well and shows no symptoms of the disease, but he and 14 other employees will remain quarantined before returning to the Woking.

After the coronavirus case was confirmed, McLaren immediately announced the decision to withdraw from the race, and only a few hours later FIA and F1 announced the decision to cancel the race.

McLaren quarantined an additional 14 team members since they were in contact with the infected.

“I am proud that the whole team, both in Australia and in our base, reacted to the situation in moments of real pressure and concern for their colleagues,” Zak Brown told Motorsport Week.

“The focus, calmness and professionalism were exceptional throughout the team. We had leaders who stepped out and that is an indication of the strength of our people.”

“Andreas and I already agreed that if we had a positive case in the garage that we only had one option. For me, as a racer, it was the hardest decision I had to make, but as CEO it was the easiest decision.”

“Our people come first and Andreas feels the same.”

“I am happy to announce that our virus-infected member is recovering well and that the symptoms are gone and our quarantine people are in good spirits.”

“The support they receive from their colleagues, partners and the F1 community and fans from around the world is fantastic and and our thanks go out to all of them.”

Team boss Andreas Seidl praised the other teams who helped them pack things when it was clear they were withdrawing from the race.

“They offered us immediate help to dismantle the garage and pack the load, which was a big challenge because we were missing 14 core people,” said Seidl.

“It’s the spirit of F1 and racing that we all embrace.”

McLaren confirmed that members of the racing team would have to be out of the factory for at least 14 days on return after returning to the UK.

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