Malaysian GP 1999. full race – Irvine wins at Schumi’s comeback

Malaysian GP 1999. was penultimate race in the 1999. Formula One World Championship and Michael Schumacher came back six races after he broke his leg at the British GP.

Michael destroyed his opponents in qualifying by almost one second and his team mate Eddie Irvine was second in front of two McLaren drivers Coulthard and Hakkinen.

It was first race held at the Sepang International Circuit which will be remembered for Ferrari team work and Irvine saying that Schumacher is not only best number one driver, but also the best number two driver as he helped him to beat Mika Hakkinen.

Ferrari drivers were disqualified because of the barge boards dimensions, but they got their win back after post race protest from Ferrari.

Watch the exciting battle between Ferrari and McLaren in first Malaysian GP!


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