McLaren presents their interpretation of double T-wing

McLaren continues with improving their car despite recent Honda struggles as they bring their interpretation of the T-wing, which was used by several teams from the beginning of the season and whose shape is reminiscent of the latest version of Mercedes’ T-wing.

Because of loophole in the technical regulations, team use 750 mm wide T-wings which are located in front of the rear wings and at the rear end of shark fins which split the engine cover and some teams like Williams presented the curved versions of these wings.

Mercedes is in Australia brought a double T-wing with connected edges and an extra slot on the top element and McLaren showed its own interpretation in China, also with rounded edges.

The lower element is, unlike Mercedes’ solutions, curved, but not as pronounced as on the Williams. T-wing is attached to the fin that longitudinaly splits the engine cover and which in some form is used by all teams.

T-wing produces a small amount of downforce, but also directs the airflow to the rear wing of this and thus contributes to the increase of the total downforce.

McLaren also brought a new rear wing in China which will be tried on Fernando Alonso car on friday to enable team to compare its performance with the old version which will be used by Stoffel Vandoorne.

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