McLaren supports budget cap introduction for ‘healthier F1’

McLaren Executive Director Zak Brown believes that Formula 1 should limit the team’s budget to reduce the difference between the biggest and smallest outfits.

Budget cap is one of the hot topics in Formula 1 for years, but due to lack of consensus among the teams the idea was never introduced.

Liberty Media announced a new three-member management structure on Monday consisting Chase Carey, Sean Bratches and Ross Brawn who said that Formula 1 must find a solution for smaller teams to have a healthy competition.

One of the goals of the new owners is ‘healthy Formula 1’ from top to bottom and McLaren’s Zak Brown supports the idea of ​​budget cap to increase the competitiveness of smaller teams.

“As we look toward 2021. and the direction in which F1 goes,  there’s talk about budget caps, something I’m a supporter of,” said Brown for

“There is a lot of discussion around what the cap is, what’s included and how you get there. I think it must be discussed, but McLaren supports the idea.”

“It will not be easy to reach an agreement, but now we have new owners and it’s now their sport.”

“It’s been a hot topic for a long time, but the distribution of resources is too out of balance. I’m not saying that everyone should have the same budget, but I think the difference between first and last is too large and therefore teams leave the sport.”

“Certainly it will be a fierce discussion – those with lots of money will be most resistant to changes and those with the least will be pushing the most.”

“But this is something that should be discussed, because the current situation is not healthy,” said Brown.

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