Mercedes’s F1 engine department chief Andy Cowell said his team made sure their 2018 F1 engine is more powerfull in both qualifying and racing modes despite having to last seven races this year.

Mercedes is a benchmark for the power and reliability of the F1 engines since the new 1.6 V6 hybrid turbo era was imposed in 2014, and in 2018, drivers will be able to use only three engines in the 21 race calendar.

Nevertheless, at Petronas’s promotional event on the eve of the new 2018 F1 season Mercedes promised that their new M09 EQ Power + engine has more power in race and the qualifying modes.

“The power unit is more elegant, better suited to the aerodynamic requirements of the car,” Cowell told Autosport.

“We will know in Abu Dhabi whether it lasted longer than it was. We have invested continuous efforts to ensure that our qualification and racing modes are stronger than in the past.”

Mercedes won’t turn the power down for reliability

Because of the limit on only three engines per driver in the season, the engine will have to run up to seven races on average, but Mercedes does not plan to reduce power on that.

“The most positive way to look at the championship is to produce a drive unit that can run seven races, and when you finish the race at the end of the seventh race you feel good self confidence.”

“But you must not turn the power down. We need a qualifying mode to be better than ever, and we need our race mode to be better than ever.”

“We need a lifetime long enough for us to set up the car on Friday, we can not cut  the mileage.”

“It’s our approach. If something happens, if quality problems arise, we will react and adapt.”

New qualifying mode yet to be tested on track

Mercedes did not test the qualifying mode of the new F1 engine in pre-season testing in Barcelona, according to  Lewis Hamilton.

“Our qualifying mode is the most fun, it should be a ‘party’ mode,” Hamilton said.

“It has the most power and juice, and with it we achieve the highest speeds.”

“I think Andy and the team definitely tested it on the dyno and I’m happy to use it in these few occasions in the season.”

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