The current world champions had to take ‘countermeasures’ to address the reliability issues they experienced in pre-season testing.

Autosport reports that Mercedes has been forced to take a series of countermeasures for the first engine specification of the season to address reliability issues.

Mercedes and Williams changed the engines twice while Racing Point didn’t have any failures, which contrasted with the otherwise perfect reliability of their powe units in previous years, which has been the standard for everyone else.

But this year Mercedes has been aggressive with the development of V6 engines to find more power, an increasingly difficult task with stable rules.

Hamilton admitted after testing that he was a bit concerned about reliability, and Wolff says the tests are there to test the limits of reliability and that it is good to experience failures in Barcelona than in Australia.

“We managed to get through most of our programme as planned at the winter tests; however, we faced some reliability issues that we needed to resolve,” said Wolff.

“We’re glad that we encountered these issues in testing rather than at a race weekend as we could work on fixing them without any penalties.”

Drivers this year have one more MGU-K available than last year and are now allowed to use three units, as well as the V6 engine, MGU-H and turbocharger.

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