Mercedes and Red Bull will have to adjust their  suspension concepts after FIA ​​were not happy with their solutions used during the pre-season testing in Barcelona.

Two best places teams in 2016 constructors’ championship used mutually hydraulically connected front suspension that let them have better control of the front end and more stable aerodynamic platform while its implementation is particularly difficult due to lack of space in this area of ​​chassis.

Ferrari asked FIA for clarification of this issue over the winter in order to know what is allowed and what is not while last month FIA ​​has made it clear that the suspension systems must not be deliberately designed to improve aerodynamic performance that are key to success in Formula 1.

FIA performed detailed review of the systems all teams used in pre-season testing and Mercedes and Red Bull’s concept were not completely legal and they had to change it for the first race of the season.

“You may not have systems that affect the aerodynamics of the car in any way other than accidental,” said FIA race director Charlie Whiting at a media conference on Thursday.

“We wanted to see whether the suspension is generally designed as a suspension or is it in the service of the aerodynamic performance of the car.”

“This is a major change and we are much more focused on that this year.”

“If the suspension behaves asymmetrically, then there is no legitimate reason for this behavior.”

Although the impact of this ban is not clear yet, Autosport reports that Mercedes didn’t use their system on each race last year.

All cars passed suspension checks during the thursday FIA legality checks.

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