Mercedes’ new nose that required new crash test

Mercedes made the most visible improvements to their car in Barcelona, ​​which was thoroughly aerodynamic updated to find a few more tenths of second per lap. One of the most visible changes is the new, narrow nose that had to pass the FIA’s safety tests again.

The new nose is narrower to release more space for numerous aerodynamic elements in this area that have multiple aerodynamic functions, and due to the brand new nose shape, it had to pass FIA crash tests.

The top of the nose remained the same, but it is noticeably narrower as it approaches the part where it joins the chassis and where the front suspension pickup points begin. The team again used small nose holes to help cool the driver.

In the picture below, new cameras on the nose of the car prescribed by the FIA ​​are also visible and Mercedes was creative about the camera holder, which has been a common practice in recent years. The new Mercedes’s camera holders are curved and moved away from the chassis to allow the airflow to pass between, with carefully shaped edges and transitions.

Also, from a new perspective you can see new side vanes that in their lower part have a function similar to the previously used ‘bat wing’.

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