Ahead of the upcoming launch of their new F1 car for 2020, Mercedes chief engine engineer Andy Cowell has announced a lots of improvements on the V6 internal combustion engine as well as to the ERS, despite minor development issues.

Mercedes is a benchmark for the power and reliability of 1,6-liter V6 engines introduced in Formula 1 in 2014, and although surpassed in peak power by Ferrari for the last two years, they remain the most reliable and fuel-efficient power unit.

In addition, there is a hard-to-measure factor for integrating the powertrain into the chassis, which gives Mercedes a better aerodynamic package, all for optimum lap times instead of maximum power.

Andy Cowell has announced that they have also made a number of improvements to their power unit this year, which has won six double championship titles in the last six years, and stressed that they also had certain problems, which he believes were a sign that they had worked hard enough.

“There’s a lot going on in Brixworth,” Cowell said in a video posted on Twitter.

“There is a lot of improvement on the whole power unit, on the ERS side and on the internal combustion engine.”

“But we have been struggling with a few minor issues until we can get everything right.”

“So, lot’s of work going into building the right spec, getting it to long run and then providing the power units to the teams so they can fire up their cars, and then getting the hardware to go track testing for the car launch on February 14th.”

Mercedes has announced that it will make the first kilometers with the new W11 at Silverstone, as part of a filming day which may not exceed 100 km, on the same day it will present it to the public (14th February), five days before the Barcelona test begins.

“After that we will head to Barcelona and have three cars pounding laps on the track [Mercedes, Racing Point and Williams].”

“Only six days of testing before we leave for Melbourne.”

“And with the race pool, a huge number of those parts are already made, assemblies going together and the challenge of getting everything to the other side of the world. “So, busy time chasing bits of performance, getting the reliability there and getting a huge amount of hardware to the other side of the world.”

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