Mercedes shows new T-wing and complex bargeboard setup

World champions showed detailed aerodynamic package that includes new T-wing and new bargeboards in the area behind the front wheels that is essential for the efficient floor and diffuser.

Loophole in the technical regulations enable teams to use the 750 mm T-wings which are located in front of the rear wing or at the back of the shark fins and some teams like Williams presented the curved versions of these wings.

Mercedes tested double-wing T in Barcelona but they went step further in Australia and used double-T-wing with rounded edges at the joints while the upper element has horizontal slit.

This wing is  placed very high and thus has a very laminar airflow coming onto it. While wing itself produces some downforce, it also helps direct airflow to the rear wing.

In this aerodynamic configuration, Mercedes did not use shark fin – the T-wing was attached to its own vertical carrier in front of the rear wing support.

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In addition to the new T-wing, Mercedes showed numerous modifications to the aerodynamic package among which are complex bargeboard setup in front of the sidepods which now contain numerous vertical and horizontal slits, similar to last year’s W07.

Also, the front edge of the side floor contains four horizontal blades that generate strong vortices at the beginning of the floor and send them along its longitudinal edge. This helps to isolate the airflow under the car from the turbulence on the outside which increases aerodynamic efficiency.

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