In the last two years, Mercedes hasn’t changed their front wing too much, which obviously performs well in their aerodynamic package of their F1 cars and in Russia they have introduced a new version with several minor changes.

After adding another vertical r-vane during the season, which helps to direct the airflow to the outside of the front wheels, they have introduced two more minor changes to Sochi.

The new front wing now has a horizontal cascade (turquoise) that is directly connected to the outer edge of the front wing and there is also a little double flick (purple) that helps direct the airflow over the front wheels.

Near the cascade element, there are two r-vanes, slotted in their upper part, which Mercedes uses from the Belgium GP (before that they used one r-vane on each side of the front wing).

Mercedes W09 front wing new cascade GP F1 2018 Photo Mercedes
New front wing for Sochi with the cascade element directly connected to the endplate

The old specification of the front wing had a cascade separated from the outer edge of the wing and had its own endplate, connected to the wing endplate with a small metallic horizontal bridge.

Mercedes W09 front wing old cascade GP F1 2018 Photo Mercedes
Old front wing with the cascade element connected to the endplate with a small horizontal bridge
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