New aerodynamic package that lifted Renault in Silverstone

Renault brought new aerodynamic package in Silverstone that helped them achieve the qualifying result of the season while in the race they equalized their best result. We give an overview of the details that Renault says are just the beginning of a series of changes in that direction.

The area that is being developed intensively this season is an area that begins 430 mm behind the front wheel centre line and where teams have more freedom than in the 2009-2014 period.

Renault uses a very high main bargeboard (yellow) that is vertically divided in their rear to allow the airflow to follow the desired path more easily and directing the air around the sidepod lower edge.

Looking at the front, the bargeboard has an ‘S’ cross section because the airflow is better attached on curved surfaces, creating two tunnels.

New addition for Silverstone is boomerang-like deflector, similar to the one used by Ferrari, and behind which are the long knife slots (white) that were already in place for several races in different shapes.

Near the main bargeboard there is a smaller and lower red at a place where greater curvature begins, which helps the airflow to follow this direction change more easily.

The aim is to divide the turbulent airflow behind the front wheels and cleaner, more laminar airflow on the inside of the bargeboard that is then directed around the sidepods.

Renault RS17 2017 British GP F1 tech updates bargeboards top Photo AMuS MAXF1net

Apart from changes to the robargeboards tor behind the front wheels and at the start of the floor, Renault has also rearranged the floor ahead of rear wheels.

Renault currently uses three L-shaped slits that allow air mixing under and above the floor creating vortices that help separate the airflow from the rotating rear wheels and thereby increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the floor and diffuser.

The slit closest to the rear is made from metal, making it easier for Renault to try different solutions.

Next to the slit there is a long horizontal strip that separates the airflow from the inside of the rear tyre.

Also note the long horizontal slit at the beginning of the floor, which also has the role of isolating the airflow below the floor of the surrounding turbulence. Leading floor edge is marked with pink color in the top picture.

Renault RS17 2017 British GP F1 tech updates flor Photo AMuS MAXF1net

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