New front wing on Renault R.S.17

Renault tested a few new aerodynamic parts in Bahrain, which they say they are doing their job, and a new front wing is one of the most obvious changes with different flap configuration.

The French constructor and engine manufacturer continue their surge in the second season of their latest F1 episode, which in some way are the first real season because they spent last year with a year-old Lotus chassis designed for Mercedes engines that they did not want to invest in too much time and resources.

New season has started far better Renault and they are near the top of the midfield while in Bahrain they qualified with both cars in Q3.

The new front wing has three upper elements (marked with purple color) as opposed to the old front wing that has two elements. As the three elements occupy approximately the same space as the two elements on the old wing, their surface is smaller as well as the spacing between them.

Also, the very top element is not cut like on the old front wing, which was done with the aim of reducing the air resistance on a fast track in Bahrain.

renault rs27 front wing new bahrain f1 2017 test
Photo: Renault/

The new front wing produces some more downforce so it will be interesting to see if Renault will use it in Russia (middle downforce requirements) or just in Spain, which is a track with maximum downforce requirements.

Outer parts of the wing are responsible for creating the rising radius tunnel – old wing in this area had three elements too (marked red), but which clasped in two elements (purple) toward the center of the wing.

In the above photo you can also see metal reinforcements on one of the lower elements (marked with a purple arrow) that serve to achieve a required stiffness and not too much flexibility in FIA’s tests.

Also, Renault tried new blown front axle which helps to clean up the airflow behind front tyre, adding a little bit of downforce and drag.

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