First photograph of the new 2018 Mercedes F1 car emerged after Valtteri Bottas tested the new W09 for the first time at Silverstone, ahead of team’s official launch scheduled for afternoon.

This morning, Mercedes showed the first photograph of a new car that was very dark, but it was already apparent that they did not decide to copy the Ferrari sidepod concept and kept the low nose without a central extension.

The airbox above the driver’s head is very broad and similar to last year, and it’s interesting that Mercedes did not copy the Ferrari sidepod concept that was successfully implemented in the SF70H and was copied by several teams this year including Red Bull and Williams using Mercedes engines.

Bottas got the chance to try out the new W09 first at Silverstone on wet Pirelli tyres as part of the first filming day for Mercedes, during which they could drive up to 100 kilometers.

Later, the new W09 will be tested by Lewis Hamilton, and the new Mercedes will be officially launched and presented in the afternoon.

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