Michael Schumacher and Jean Alesi had a fantastic fight for the victory at the 1995 European GP at Nürburgring where the German managed to beat the French driver three laps before the end – watch their fierce battle in  striking quality at 1080p and 50fps.

Schumacher was on a three stop strategy and had his third and last pitstop in lap 52 of 67 while Alesi was on aone stop strategy as he pitted in the lap 34.

The German had 18 laps fresher tyres and faster car in Benetton B195, but also a 22.2 seconds gap behind Alesi in the lčap 53.

Schumacher has reduced the gap to only 7.8 seconds in the lap 60 while one lap later gap was only 2.4 seconds. In lap 62 Schumacher was under one second behind the leader and started to plan his attack.

Alesi tried to ressist Schumacher, helped with the stronger Ferrari V12 engine (Benetton used the Renault V10 engine).

But Alesi failed to deny Schumacher’s attack from the outside of the final chicane and lost his potential second career victory after the celebration in Canada in the same year.


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