After winning two consecutive titles for Benetton, Michael Schumacher, as the biggest Formula 1 star, moved to the biggest F1 team of all time, Ferrari.

Every start is difficult, so Schumacher’s mission in Ferrari has also lasted for years. Their 1996 car, the F310, was not at the Williams level, and Schumacher fought like a lion against Hill and Villeneuve in faster cars.

Williams locked out the front row again in Spain (Hill won the pole position with 0.434 s advantage ahead of Villeneuve) and Schumacher was third with 0.937 seconds behind pole sitter Hill.

But Schumacher had an ace up in his sleeve – a car set up for rainy conditions. And of course, the skill of driving in those conditions.

“I really did not think I would win today, this is a really great, great day because we deserved it as we did all the work together,” said Schumacher after his first win for Ferrari.

“Beside the problem with the engine in the middle of the race that has been running without one or two cylinders, the car was very good in the rain, which confirms that we have to work hard to understand what the car’s problems are.”

“Here we were uncompetitive in the dry but dominant in the rain while in Monaco the situation was reversed.”

“We can not do much now, so I’ll enjoy this win and dedicate it to the whole team.”

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