Michael Schumacher made a perfect start in the 2000 F1 season with three wins in the first three races, while his main rivals from McLaren were held by early retirements.

Despite his big point advantage, Schumacher secured his first pole position only in fifth race of the season in Spain, but he didn’t convert it to victory after a pitstop accident.

Michael therefore returned to the next race at Nurburgring where he beat Hakkinen in the rain and then came Monaco.

Schumacher had 18 points lead ahead of Hakkinen and 22 ahead of Coulthard and his goal was the fifth victory in Monaco after winning in Benetton in 1994 and 1995 and in Ferrari 1997 and 1999.

Double world champion from 1994 and 1995 won the second pole position of the season, 0.271 seconds ahead of the surprisingly competitive Jarno Trulli in Jordan and 0.413 seconds ahead of third-placed Coulthard in McLaren.

Jordan’s competitiveness was also highlighted by Heinz Harald Frentzen who qualified in fourth place (+0.486 s), ahead of the 1998 and 1999 world champion Mika Hakkinen (+0.766 s).

The start was repeated because of starting procedure software bug while the contact between Button and de la Rosa caused a stoppage on the track, in slowest corner (pictured below). At the second start, Schumacher kept the lead in the first corner, and after the second round of pitstops his exhaust system broke from high temperatures and broke the rear left suspension.

The German retired and Coulthard took the lead in the lap 57 which he kept until the end of the race and celebrated second victory in the first seven races after he won the fourth race of the season in Silverstone. Barrichello finished second in Ferrari and third was Fisichella in Benetton.

The fourth was Irvine in Jaguar, in the race where he will finish third next year, and fifth was another former Ferrari driver Mika Salo in Sauber.

Coulthard reduced Schumacher’s championship advantage to 12 points and Hakkinen was 17 points behind the German after finishing sixth in Monaco. Ferrari was only five points ahead of McLaren despite Woking team failed to score in the first two races of the season.


26Jarno TrulliJordan/Mugen-Honda1:19.7460.271
32David CoulthardMcLaren/Mercedes1:19.8880.413
51Mika HäkkinenMcLaren/Mercedes1:20.2410.766
714Jean AlesiProst/Peugeot1:20.4941.019
99Ralf SchumacherWilliams/BMW1:20.7421.267
107Eddie IrvineJaguar/Cosworth1:20.7431.268
118Johnny HerbertJaguar/Cosworth1:20.7921.317
1212Alexander WurzBenetton/Playlife1:20.8711.396
1317Mika SaloSauber/Petronas1:21.5612.086
1410Jenson ButtonWilliams/BMW1:21.6052.130
1519Jos VerstappenArrows/Supertec1:21.7382.263
1618Pedro de la RosaArrows/Supertec1:21.8322.357
1815Nick HeidfeldProst/Peugeot1:22.0172.542
1916Pedro DinizSauber/Petronas1:22.1362.661
2023Ricardo ZontaBAR/Honda1:22.3242.849
2120Marc GenéMinardi/Fondmetal1:23.7214.246
2221Gastón MazzacaneMinardi/Fondmetal1:23.7944.319


12David CoulthardMcLaren/Mercedes781:49:28.213 
47Eddie IrvineJaguar/Cosworth781:50:34.1371:05.924
517Mika SaloSauber/Petronas781:50:48.9881:20.775
61Mika HäkkinenMcLaren/Mercedes771:49:32.8191 Lap
722J.VilleneuveBAR/Honda771:50:08.0741 Lap
815Nick HeidfeldProst/Peugeot771:50:39.7191 Lap
98Johnny HerbertJaguar/Cosworth761:50:43.1472 Laps
105H-H.FrentzenJordan/Mugen-Honda701:38:30.235Spun off
(9)19Jos VerstappenArrows/Supertec601:26:38.080Spun off
(10)23Ricardo ZontaBAR/Honda481:09:22.500Spun off
(4)9Ralf SchumacherWilliams/BMW3752:24.925Spun off
(2)6Jarno TrulliJordan/Mugen-Honda3650:55.680Gearbox
(12)16Pedro DinizSauber/Petronas3043:19.447Spun off
(7)14Jean AlesiProst/Peugeot2941:13.947Transmission
(17)21Gastón MazzacaneMinardi/Fondmetal2232:00.286Spun off
(18)20Marc GenéMinardi/Fondmetal2130:36.346Gearbox
(17)12Alexander WurzBenetton/Playlife1826:16.800Spun off
(19)10Jenson ButtonWilliams/BMW1623:28.720Engine
 18Pedro de la RosaArrows/Supertec0Not started

Fastest lap: Mika Hakkinen – 1:21.571 (lap 57)


1Michael Schumacher46  1010104210
2David Coulthard34  4106410
3Mika Häkkinen29  661061
4Rubens Barrichello22  63436
5Giancarlo Fisichella14  2624
6Ralf Schumacher12  4233
7Heinz-Harald Frentzen5  41
8Jacques Villeneuve5  32
9Jarno Trulli4  31
10Eddie Irvine3  3
11Mika Salo3  12
12Jenson Button3  12
13Ricardo Zonta1  1
14Pedro de la Rosa1  1
15Pedro Diniz0  
16Alexander Wurz0  
17Jos Verstappen0  
18Nick Heidfeld0  
19Gastón Mazzacane0  
20Marc Gené0  
21Johnny Herbert0  
22Jean Alesi0  
Luciano Burti0         


1Ferrari68  16101346136
2McLaren/Mercedes63  1016161011
3Williams/BMW15  4353
4Benetton/Playlife14  2624
5Jordan/Mugen-Honda9  711
6BAR/Honda6  42
7Jaguar/Cosworth3  3
8Sauber/Petronas3  12
9Arrows/Supertec1  1
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