On this day in 2002. – Barrichello beats Schumacher in Germany

Rubens Barrichello celebrated his first victory of the season 15 years ago after a controversial situation in the Austrian GP where he had to let Michael Schumacher pass for the victory.

Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello Ferrari F2002 European GP F1 2002 Nurburgring Photo Ferrari
Barrichelllo i Schumacher celebrate another win for Ferrari in 2002. (Photo: Ferrari)

In 2002, Nurburgring experienced changes in the first sector, which now became slower and longer, and the third-pole position this season went to Juan Pablo Montoya in front of his teammate Ralf Schumacher, two Ferraris, two McLarens and two Renaults.

Ralf led at the start in front of Barrichello, Montoya and Michael, but in the first round Barrichello passed Ralf and Michael passed Montoya. Older Schumacher passed the younger in the third lap and the two Ferrari cruised to convincing victory, 46 seconds ahead of third-placed Kimi Raikkonen in McLaren.

This time, Ferrari didn’t intervene between their drivers and Barrichello retained the lead that he held all 60 laps.

Michael Schumacher clocked the fastest lap (1:32.226), 0.559 seconds faster than Barrichello and 0.933 seconds faster than Raikkonen.

Michael Schumacher European GP F1 2002 Nurburgring F2002 garage exit rear Photo Ferrari
Photo: Ferrari
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