Pirelli 2023 F1 tyre compound choices nominations

The Italian manufacturer and official F1, F2 and F3 tyre supplier Pirelli this year also offers a new C1 compound, which is softer than last year’s, which means that there is less difference to the neighboring C2 compound, which remained the same as last year.

In this year’s offer, Pirelli still has last year’s C1 (this year it is C0), which it will use for the most demanding tracks such as Silverstone, so the range of dry weather tyres has been expanded from five to six compounds.

New for 2023 is the reinforced structure of the front tyres, which should reduce understeer.

As before, of the 13 available sets of tyres (8S, 3M, 2H), drivers will have to keep one set of the two harder compounds for the race (and one of them must be used), while they must keep one set of the softest available compound for Q3.

For the sprint weekends (Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, Qatar, USA Austin and Sao Paolo) the drivers have 12 sets of tyres (6S, 4M, 2H) and only soft tyres must be used in qualifying on Friday if the session hasn’t been declared wet.

In sprint shootout session, drivers must use only medium tyres in SQ1 and SQ2 while in SQ3 only soft tyres must be used if the session hasn’t been declared wet.


Photo: Pirelli