Italian tyre manufacturer and official F1 supplier since 2011 Pirelli has announced that it will bring six tyre components to this year’s pre-season tests, five of which will be used during the season, and explained the labels for distinguishing them.

Pirelli has been using five different dry tyre components for years, and for each F1 weekend they choose three tyre compounds that are available to drivers during practices, qualifying and race.

Last season, due to logistical challenges caused by the pandemic, Pirelli didn’t give the option to choose the number of components drivers want to use, and the same situation awaits them this year with Pirelli already announcing which components it will bring to which race.

Since drivers will have all five components and one test component available in pre-season testing, Pirelli had to devise a way to differentiate the components, as opposed to a racing weekend where three colors represent three components (white for the hardest, yellow for the middle and red for the hardest). the softest component).

In total, each team will have 30 sets of 2021 slick tyres from the entire P Zero range at their disposal for the test, with each team running one car. On top of that, each team will also have two sets of intermediates and wets available: but these will only be counted within the allocation of 30 if they are fitted. No more than 30 sets of tyres per team are allowed to be used throughout the three days, from Friday to Sunday.

There will be two extra sets of prototype tyres supplied to each team: identical in every way to the standard C3 but produced in Turkey rather than Romania. These are being run simply to benchmark products from the back-up factory against the standard tyres, both during performance and longer runs. They can be recognised as they are plain black, with no markings at all.

The test will run from 10:00-19:00 (local time) each day, with a one-hour break for lunch between 14:00-15:00. Weather conditions are expected to be consistently warm and dry.


2021 F1 Bahrain Testing Pirelli compounds Photo Pirelli

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