Pirelli announced how will they mark their 2019 F1 tyres with three colours and five available components for pre-season testing in Barcelona and for two in-season tests.

To simplify the situation with the tyre components and their names and colours, Pirelli decided to use only three colors – the red for the softest available compound during the F1 weekend, yellow for medium compound and white for the hardest compound.

But as we will see five different components during the testing, Pirelli has decided that the softest compound C5 and the hardest compound C1 will not wear the usual stripes stretching between the ‘PIRELLI’ and ‘P ZERO’.

2019 Pirelli F1 tyre test colours code explained

“Normally we will only see three colours at every race,” explained Pirelli F1 boss Mario Isola.

“So we’re only using three colours at the tests as well.”

“But we want to make sure that people can tell the compounds apart.”

“As a result, the very hardest and softest tyres won’t be marked with stripes: only the colours will vary. This will be the case for the in-season tests as well.”


Race Date C1 C2 C3 C4 C5
01 Australia 17 Mar x x x
02 Bahrain 31 Mar x x x
03 China 14 Apr x x x
04 Azerbaijan 28 Apr x x x
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