Pirelli reveals results of Vettel’s front left tyre analysis

Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli has revealed the results of a investigation of Vettel’s punctured tyre, but are still unsure of what caused the separation of the tread band on Raikkonen’s tyre.

Pirelli finished the analysis of the front left soft rubber used by Sebastian Vettel in the race as he had a puncture two laps before the end of the race while he was in fourth place.

Full investigation confirmed that the original cause was slow tyre puncture(air pressure slowly dropping with the tyre becoming softer and more prone to puncture).

Driving to the pits on a reduced pressure, and then on a tyre that was completely flat resulted in the final outcome. Pirelli says we will never know what caused the slow puncture, but it may me some kind of debris on the track while his tyre was very old and worn after 32 laps.

Raikkonen’s tyre shows much less evidence of what happened and further tests and analyzes are ongoing in Pirelli’s laboratories and indoor testing facilities. It will take several more days to reach a definite conclusion.

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