Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli has announced their tyre compounds for the Netherlands and Canada, making known the available tire components for six races this year.

On the Zandvoort circuit, which has an extremely banked last corner that will heavily load the tyres, Pirelli will bring the three hardest compounds of their tyres (C1, C2 and C3).

In addition, Pirelli has introduced an additional safety measure to avoid a scenario similar to the Michelin fiasco at the 2005 US GP and have developed a special front C2 tyre design that they plan to bring to Zandvoort.

“The tests [in Barcelona] were an opportunity to compare the standard C2 tyre with the new Zandvoort front tyre that will heavily load the front end,” said Pirelli’s F1 boss Mario Isola.

“The new construction is firmer and we have also tried the standard C2 tyre with 0.138 bar [2 psi] higher pressure.”

“We have received good feedback from both concepts so we will explore which one will work better when we have more track data. ”

For Canada, Pirelli will traditionally bring the three softest tyres (C3, C4 and C5) given the lack of quick and long, high energy corners and the same selection will be available for Monaco, although this will be announced later because for races outside Europe component selection must be announced 14 weeks earlier (8 weeks for European races).

Like last year, drivers have 13 sets of dry weather tyres available, and 10 are allowed to choose on their own, whilst keeping one set of the softest tyre for Q3 and one set for the remaining two compounds for the race.

They must use one of these two sets in the race, and if they do not qualify for Q3, they may use that set in the race.

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes F1 W10 and Sebastian Vettel Ferrari SF90 Canadian GP F1 2019 celebrating victory Photo Daimler

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