The Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli will have to destroy the unprecedented amount of unused tyres for the canceled Australian GP since they have already been fitted to the wheels and are no longer safe to use after one removal.

After first race of the season in Australia has been canceled, Pirelli will have to destroy the 1800 tyres previously fitted to the wheels and use it as fuel at a UK cement factory.

Once mounted tyres must be written off if they are removed from the wheels, which is unavoidable for races outside Europe, and while in Europe unused tyres can be transported with wheels and used at one of the next races.

Tyres that have traveled to Bahrain and Vietnam for the second and third championship races that have been delayed will not be destroyed because they are not yet mounted on wheels and are safe from damage in temperature controlled containers.

Unused tyres will be destroyed at a cement plant in Didcot, UK, where tyres will also be destroyed after the usual F1 weekend.

“We crush the tyres to fit in smaller containers and ship them back to the UK where we recycle them at a cement plant near Didcot,” said Pirelli’s F1 boss Mario Isola for Autosport.

“We burn them in high temperatures and generate energy, but not pollution.”

“We are exploring a number of ways to recycle F1 tyres, but at this point this is our way after all the analysis done.”

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