Pitlane procedures


The pit lane at every F1 circuit is divided into two lanes – fast lane (closest to the pit wall) and inner lane (closest to the garage).

Pit box is an aera in front of the each team’s garage wher pit stops can be carried out. Apart from drying and sweeping, teams are not allowed to increase the grip of their pitstop area.

Mechanics can stand in the pitlane only immediately before a pit stop and must withdraw as soon as their work is done.

Teams can only release drivers from their pitstops when it’s safe to do so (no other drivers coming, all four tyres properly mounted etc.).

Pit lane speed limit is 80 km/h at almost all races – exceptions are Australia, Monaco and Singapore where limit is reduced to 60 km/h.

Penalty for exceeding the pit lane speed limit during practice and qualifying sessions is 100 € for each km/h above limit up to a maximum od 1000 €.

Speeding in the pitlane during the race will lead to a time penalty or drive-through penalty.

FIA F1 2017. sporting regulations can be downloaded here.

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