Porsche is reconsidering entering Formula 1 which announced future power units as simpler and cheaper than the current generation which was extremely complex and expensive and which did not attract new manufacturers to the sport.

In 2017, Porsche participated in meetings of the FIA ​​Engine Manufacturers Commission to discuss future powertrains and in late 2017, Porsche embarked on the development of a high-performance six-cylinder engine despite withdrawing from the LMP1 category of the WEC Championship.

The engine was running on a test bench and was being worked on by a small group of between ‘20 and 25 experts’, but Porsche did not decide to enter Formula 1 as an engine manufacturer after previously ruling out the possibility of competing as a constructor like Mercedes and Ferrari.

But as Formula 1 heads towards sustainability and new fuels, as well as the announcement of cheaper and simpler power units from 2025 that should not have expensive MGU-H, have stimulated interest in the VW group and considering Porsche’s entry into Formula 1, reports BBC.

“It would be great if aspects of sustainability, such as the use of e-fuel, played a role,” said Fritz Enzinger, head of Porsche’s motorsport program.

“Once these aspects are confirmed, we will discuss them in detail within the VW Group and discuss further steps.”

“Porsche and Volkswagen AG are following the rules changes in all relevant racing series around the world. This is also the case with the new rules for Formula 1 engines from 2025.”

Ross Brawn recently said Formula 1 has the opportunity to make the new generation of engines more sustainable and combine hybrid technology with sustainable fuels.

“Formula 1 has long served as a platform to introduce a new generation of innovation to the automotive world,” Brawn said.

“Our first priority for sustainability is to establish a plan for a hybrid engine that has reduced emissions and will benefit the real world in road cars.”

“We believe we have the opportunity to do this with a new generation of engines that will combine hybrid technology with sustainable fuels.”

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