Prost wants tyre choice freedom and asymmetrical compounds

Quadruple world champion Alain Prost wants complete freedom in the tyres choices to make races more interesting after three softest Pirelli compounds in Australia proved extremely durable.

Pirelli has developed 2017 tyres with completely different characteristics with less degradation and overheating because they didn’t know exact loads expected with new generation of aerodynamics, but also because of increasingly frequent driver’s complaints that they cannot push hard enough in the race.

Expectations ahead of the new season proved to be correct – the Australian Grand Prix was a classic one stop race despite Pirelli bringing three softest compounds. Kvyat in Toro Rosso completed 34 laps in the first stint (59% of the race) which means that the soft might have endured the whole race.

Alain Prost proposes a very interesting solution, which should increase the unpredictability and give teams a chance to be brave with their selection and achieve surprising results. Frenchman wants completely free choice of components, using different components on the front/rear and left/right tyres and ditch using two mandatory compounds.

“Give drivers the option of choosing any of the five components of the 13 available sets of dry tyres,” said Prost for AMuS.

“I’d even let them use different components at the same time, for example on the left soft tyres and on the right hard.”

“Also, I would ditch the rule on mandatory use of two different components in the race. If someone wants to drive the entire race on the hard compounds, he may do so. Perhaps someone with two stops and softer compiunds is gonna be faster.”

“Then it all comes to the feeling of each driver, which could lead to surprising results.”

Currently, drivers must use at least two different components of tyres in a dry race and from five existing components they have three avalaible compounds for each race.

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