Reaching Mercedes’ top power difficult for everyone – Alonso

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Double world champion Fernando Alonso believes that the Mercedes maximum power will be difficult to reach for any engine manufacturer, but he is sure is that Honda will reduce the gap to the best engines in Formula 1.

McLaren had two very difficult seasons since Honda returned to Formula 1 in 2015., mainly due to large power deficit of Honda engine but Alonso is confident that Honda is back on track and it will be closer to the leading Mercedes in 2017.

“Let’s say that the Mercedes maximum power will be difficult to achieve, we know that,” said Alonso.

“But not only for us, but for everyone else.”

“I am 100% sure that we will achieve the power we wanted, but aerodynamics is more of a question mark.”

“Whenever you introduce new rules, you can be lucky or unlucky.”

“It depends how the team interprets the rules and what philosophy their car follows.”

“You may choose to go right, and someone decides to go to the left and then in fourth or fifth race you realize that you aerodynamic package goes to the left because you started wrongly.”

“Hopefully we are one of those who does the right job from the beginning.”

The new cars will be a few seconds per lap faster with wider tyres and a new aerodynamic package and many fast turns will become full throttle kinks.

“Changing the rules will mix the things up,” believes Alonso.

“Honda has taken a substantial step forward, which I think is very positive and it gives me confidence for 2017.”

“I really look forward to Australia in March,” said the double world champion.

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