Red Bull introduces new bargeboard setup in Spain

Red Bull announced their big upgrade package for Spain (which some also announced as ‘RB14’) and one of the most obvious changes is area behind the front wheels.

The chassis remained the same, but the new aerodynamic package, especially the rear wheel behind this year, is particularly interesting because the teams can use longer and higher aerodynamic devices to manipulate the airflow to the rest of the car.

Unlike the relatively straight forward bargeboards in this area, Red Bull has shown a degree of complexity in Spain that is still not close to the Mercedes, but is certainly approaching that philosophy with serrating low edges.

Looking at the front, the main bargeboard (with the Rauch label) is in the upper part flat while in the lower part follows the S-profile. A narrow, slightly lower bargeboard is attached to the main one and connected to it by a slightly curved horizontal wing.

The third, lowest bargeboard helps to turn the airflow around the sidepods and to which it is connected with a vertical vane (turquoise) that connects to the top of the sidepod shoulder.

The first two bargeboards have horizontal knife-like edges in the lower part that create vortices that are sent to the floor while the third bargeboard has a sloping surface at the bottom similar to the Ferrari SF70H (highlighted in pink).

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