Red Bull Racing has unveiled a new F1 car for 2021 called the RB16B because of the large number of parts it shares with its predecessor the RB16 and with which they hope to threat Mercedes in their last season with Honda.

Honda is retiring from Formula 1 at the end of 2021, and although Red Bull has agreed to use their engines for both teams after 2021 this will be the last season in which Honda’s name will be on their cars.

Just like on the new AlphaTauri car AT02, the new Red Bull RB16B also has a large Honda inscription on the rear wing, and the car is, as expected, very similar to its predecessor, which caught up with the leading Mercedes at the end of the season.

Due to a poor start to last season Red Bull had a big gap behind Mercedes which they managed to catch up only at the end of the season and Red Bull’s goal for 2021 is to start the season well and have a competitive car on different track configurations.

Red Bull have strenghtened themselves with Sergio Perez who replaced Alexander Albon, but their main hope remains Max Verstappen, who was the only one to threaten Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas in 2020.

Due to problems with the correlation of data from the simulations and the wind tunnel with the data from the track, Red Bull took a wrong development path last season, which is why the RB16 was quite unpredictable and did not have the desired aerodynamic characteristics.

Verstappen coped better with such a car than Albon, and Red Bull brought improvements throughout the season to alleviate the problem and prepare for the new 2021 season for which the rules remained fairly stable.

Horner believes Red Bull can avoid a bad start to the season with the new RB16B, but says only the first tests will confirm whether they did a good job.


2021 Red Bull RB16B Studio Photo side Photo Red Bull 2021 Red Bull RB16B Studio Photo front Photo Red Bull

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