Red Bull has, like the other teams, brought a special version of their rear wing for low downforce requirements, which is in line with last year’s version for very fast track in Baku, with a very flat main plane and shallower flap for better top speed.

The Baku City Circuit is a track with two faces – the first and second sectors consist mostly of slow turns and braking zones, chicanes and shorter straights, while the third sector is exceptionally fast with a 2.2 km long full throttle stretch.

That is why it is extremely important that the car has low downforce values ​​so that it can produce less drag on the straights, and therefore the teams make special versions of the wings that they then use on this and other similar tracks like Canada and Monza.

Red Bull’s rear wing for Baku is similar to the one used in China, but with several important differences making it more suitable for a low-downforce track.

The main element (turquoise) has a smaller angle of attack while the upper element (purple), which is activated by the DRS mechanism to reduce air resistance, is noticeably shorter with a slightly smaller angle of attack.

That is why the whole rear wing is shallower compared to the wing used in previous race in China, which is also visible in the design of the upper part of the endplates that have only two horizontal slits on the new wing (pink), unlike the rear wing of China, which has three horizontal slits on each side.

Red Bull RB14 Azerbaijan GP F1 2018 Baku rear wing low downforce
Red Bull rear wing for 2018 Azerbaijan GP

In the lower picture you can see the rear wing that Red Bull used in 2018 Chinese GP, which also isn’t designed to produce the maximum downforce, but iz has noticeably higher downforce levels than the wing used in Baku.

Red Bull RB14 Chinese GP F1 2018 rear wing medium downforce
Red Bull rear wing for 2018 Chinese GP


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