Renault presented their new 2019 F1 car R.S.19 which should help them to cut the gap to the top three teams and cement their authority in the tight Formula One midfield battle.

With the new driver Daniel Ricciardo, who is a proven multiple winner in Formula 1 and very good Nico Hulkenberg who still has no podium in F1, Renault hopes to make a significant step forward in 2019 and reduce the huge gap behind the leading three teams.

The first season of their comeback as the factory team in 2016 resulted in ninth place, in 2017 they were sixth and in 2018 they finished fourth, which is their realistic goal for this season.

Renault has released studio photographs of the new R.S.19 although they used last year R.S.18  with aerodynamic elements for the 2019 F1 season like the wider and simpler front wing.

“When you walk in Enstone, you feel passion and dedication to racing. The first stage was a regeneration you can see it at every step in the factory which has been completely transformed and improved,” said Renault’s F1 chief Cyril Abiteboul.

“Everything has been improved in order to compete on the same level as the best teams.”

Renault had ‘best winter ever’

The new R.S.18 retained the black and yellow combination of colors as well as the nose similar to last year while great hopes are placed on the significantly improved drive unit R.E.19.

“The rules for the engines are extremely complex, we know them and understand them, and we had time to set the right structure,” said Renault’s chief of F1 engine development Remi Taffin.

“We have a structure and we have people. Now we see the results of that.”

“We worked hard on the ERS as well as on the internal combustion engine.”

“Last year we introduced some new concepts that proved to be successful and this year we have further developed them.”

“The result is the best winter we’ve ever had.”

Renault RS19 Twitter Renault Sport F1 front MAXF1net Renault RS19 Twitter Renault Sport F1 MAXF1net

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