Safety equipment

All cars must be equipped with a fire extinguisher which operates in the cockpit and engine compartment. It must be operable by the driver seating normally in the cockpit with his seat belts on and must work even when the main power circuit of the car fails or the car is inverted.

There must to be a switch for fire extinguishing system activation outside the cockpit. Its location on the car must be marked on the car’s body by a red letter “E” within the white circle.

All cars must have a switch in the cockpit which the driver can use to cut all main electrical circuits. It must be marked on the steering wheel with red spark in a blue triangle within a white border. There must be an additional switch which marshals on the track can activate remotely using a special hook. It is located below the main roll-over structure.

All cars must have two mirrors whose size and location must meet the strict requirements. While sitting in the car,