Sauber presents new C36

Team Sauber is the first team that has officially unveiled its new car for 2017, which is called C36 and dominated by blue and white colours with gold details, shark fin engine cover and split airbox.

After Williams became the first team that published photos of the their new car, Sauber’s first introduced the new C36 which will be tested on February 22 for the first time to test in Barcelona as part of day to shoot promotional material during which teams cannot do more than 100 kilometers.

The new Sauber C36 Ferrari will use the Ferrari power unit from late 2016 for which they won’l not receive any upgrades during the season – team decided to go for this route to be able to focus on chassis and aerodynamic development with well known power unit arhitecture.

From details on the car shark fin engine cover stands out which will be the common feature this year due to the lower rear wings, as well as unusual air intake above the driver’s head, reminiscent of the Mercedes solution on W01 in 2010. and Force India on VJM04 in 2011.

The golden color is the most represented in the front wing, more specifically its upper elements, as well as on the the mirrors and lines that stretch along the entire car, from the nose to the side panels of the rear wings.

The nose is slightly shorter than in 2016 and ends earlier, on the back of the 50 cm wide neutral section of the front wing that 2017 must be swept back for 12.5 degrees.

The whole car is noticeably longer with a longer wheelbase to easier accomodate 5% bigger fuel tank and to allow teams to put bigger bargeboards behind the front wheel. Since bodywork in this area must be at least 430 mm behind the front wheel centreline, they can be larger as the wheelbase is longer, which is why the longer wheelbase trend will likely to be seen on all new cars for 2017.

Sauber finished 2016. in 10th place in the constructors ‘championship after they surpassed Manor after the penultimate race in Brazil with ninth place finish of Felipe Nasr. Marcus Ericsson stays in the team while Pascal Wehrlein replaces Felipe Nasr. Wehrlein will miss the opening pre-season test in Barcelona due to his RoC injury in Miami and team will replace him with GP2 champion Antonio Giovinazzi.



Sauber 20.2.
Renault 21.2.
Force India 22.2.
Mercedes 23.2.
McLaren Honda 24.2.
Ferrari 24.2.
Williams 25.2.
Haas 26.2.
Toro Rosso 26.2.
Red Bull 26.2.
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