Mick Schumacher believes that in his first F1 season he has to discover the limits of the car and is not afraid to go over them to get familiar with the Haas F1 car for 2021, believing he has the potential to impress already in his first season.

After winning as a runner-up in Italian Formula 4 in 2016, Schumacher moved to the European Formula 3 series where in 2017 he finished 12th in the standings with one podium while in 2018 he became the champion with eight wins and 14 podiums.

A similar scenario occurred during the transition to Formula 2 in 2019 in which he finished 12th with one win, but in 2020 he became the champion with two wins and ten podiums which secured him a place in Haas F1 team for 2021.

Limited testing just three days before the new season will hit hard the three debutants, Schumacher, Mazepin and Tsunoda, and the German believes he must seize every opportunity to prepare for the new category.

“Every kilometer is a positive thing because there’s so little testing in Formula 1,” Schumacher told Auto Motor und Sport.

“Like the feedback from the car – where’s the limit, how fast can I get into a corner without understeer or understeer? Those things were very important to me to understand.”

“You have to experience that and sometimes go over the limit or drive on the grass as long as the car is intact.”

“It’s going to be one of the things at the beginning of the season, especially during the testing where you can and must try things out.”

2020 Abu Dhabi GP Mick Schumacher Haas F1 team Friday in garaga Photo Haas F1 Team
Mick Schumacher and Haas F1 Team Principal Gunther Steiner during the FP1 session at the 2020 Abu Dhabi GP (Photo: Haas)

Although Haas has opted for two debutants after four consecutive years with Magnussen and Grosjean, Schumacher does not think this is necessarily bad for the team.

“Yes, we are newcomers. But we have spent many years in the junior categories. I am sure we can help the team if we work together. He [Mazepin] had some good races in Formula 2 last year and it will be very interesting to see who will adjust faster. ”

Although Schumacher showed his best performance in Formula 3 and Formula 2 in the second season, the German believes that this may not be the case in Formula 1.

“I think it’s hard to say I’m a driver who can’t impress in the first year and who can do everything in the second year,” Schumacher said.

“It may look like that on paper, but if you look deeper the impression is wrong. Especially in Formula 2 where my first year [2019] wasn’t that bad.”

“The tyres were extremely demanding. When I understood them I was pretty good at a number of races.”

“Overall, I feel I have the potential to impress in my first year and I’ll do my best to do it this season and not have to wait until my second year.”

“I want to evolve day by day with the goal of getting faster and faster. In the end, that’s the most important thing – to be the fastest.”

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