Mick Schumacher could test Formula 1 car already in April this year on a test after Bahrain GP, which will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday after the race, and is set to make his F1 debut in some of Ferrari’s customers’ cars.

Michael Schumacher son signed for Ferrari’s driving academy in January and is expected to test F1 car this year when he will also complete in his first Formula 2 season with Prema.

Because of the close relationship between Haas and Alfa Romeo with Ferrari, it is believed that Mick is closer to appearing in one of their cars than in Ferrari although the Ferrari test in the later part of the year is not excluded.

Sky Italia reports that according to their sources, the German driver will make a F1 debut on the test after Bahrain GP, which will be held on 2 and 3 April.

“It will be a huge pressure for him and I know it very well,” Nico Rosberg told the German newspaper Die Welt.

Hamilton Rosberg Michael Schumacher China F1 2012 post qual
Schumacher with Rosberg and Hamilton after qualifying for the 2012 Chinese GP

“When he drives, the whole of Germany will watch. I look forward to it, but the expectations are enormous.”

“We must give him at least two years, he needs to take his time.”

Rosberg became the F1 world champion in 2016 and became the second son of the F1 world champion who repeated his father’s success. The German believe that Mick will be able to learn a lot from his compatriot Vettel in Ferrari because he has similar working habits as his father.

“Mick can learn a lot from Vettel during the racing weekend,” said Rosberg, who was Schumacher’s teammate in Mercedes from 2010 until the end of 2012.

“Sebastian works very much like Mick’s father.”

Alfa Romeo – Mick is on our shortlist for Bahrain

Mick Schumacher Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari F1 2018

In two of the four test days during the F1 season teams must use the young drivers who have not competed in more than two F1 races.

“There is a list of drivers and Mick is a part of that shortlist because it is one of the F2 drivers who meets the test criteria for rookies,” said Alfa Romeo’s team principal Frederic Vasseur.

“The choice is pretty limited.”

“We have not made a decision yet, there are a few names on the list, we will consider the options and discuss with Ferrari. The first priority is to know when we will have upgrades avalaible.”

“If they are not ready to race in Bahrain, we can test them on that rookie test, or we’ll try some parts on the test and other part in Barcelona [fifth race]. This is a technical decision … driver feedback is so important so we need someone who gives good feedback, but has not driven more than two races, it’s hard to find. “

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