Simplicity is ‘key future objective’ for Formula 1

New managing director for F1 motorsport Ross Brawn said simplicity is a key objective for the future development of Formula 1 because in recent years most fans didn’t know what is going on in the races.

Liberty Media confirmed on Monday that Chase Carey replaces Bernie Ecclestone as the Chief Executive Officer, Ross Brawn has been appointed as new managing director for motorsport and Sean Bratches from ESPN has become the managing director for commercial operations.

Brawn was brought for his vision and experience to help the long-term development of the sport that in recent years became too reactive, without a clear plan or vision.

“What I want to develop with all other shareholders, the teams and the FIA ​​is a vision that will take us to where we want to be in the next few years,” Brawn told BBC.

“I think we know what the fans want: they want entertainment, they want close racing, they want to understand what’s going on.”

“I believe that simplicity is a key objective for the future. In recent years I watched F1 as a spectator, and there were moments when I was not sure what was going on in the race.”

“This is a great sport with great drivers, their personalities, cars and other things, we just have to look at how we can improve the whole show.”

“I think fans want racing, but we haven’t seen that too much. In recent years we have seen a great competition between the two drivers of the same team, but it’s not Mercedes’ fault. They did a great job.”

“We want, for example, to make the race as big a show as we can make it, so when you come to a race for a weekend, you’re entertained from beginning to end.”

End of an era

Chase Carey and Bernie Ecclestone (Foto: Autoweek)

Brawn praised the influence of Bernie Ecclestone has had on the sport in the last few decades, but believes that the time has come for a change.

“He will be here to give us some advice and be a reference if we need some extra support,” he said.

“I think this is the end of an era and the beginning of a different structure, a different approach for the future.”

“Liberty Media, the new owners of Formula 1, may have a different approach.”

“Bernie is unique, the way he built F1 is unique. But he is 86 now and there comes a time when you move into the next phase.”

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