Lewis Hamilton achieved a record 117th start from the first row and 72nd pole position in Austin – we bring you best sector times, top speeds at the end of each sector and speed trap analysis.

The first sector of the circuit Circuit of the Americas has a series of fast corners similiar to the first sector at Suzuka and the end of the first sector is between the sixth and seventh corner.

Hamilton is the fastest at the exit of the sixth corner ahead of Verstappen, stunning 20km/h faster than Sauber and Toro Rossao, and the speed at the end of the second sector shows the quality of traction from a very slow 12th corner.

Mercedes is the fastest, but the difference between the fastest and the slowest is about 7 km/h.

The speed at the end of the third sector is actually the speed achieved on the start finish line, which again talks about traction from the slow left curve and the acceleration that follows.

The Ferrari are the fastest on this point, ten kilometers per hour faster than the slowest cars.



USA GP Austin F1 2017 maximum sector speeds Photo FIA


USA GP Austin F1 2017 best sector times Photo FIA


The speed trap at COTA is measured 180 meters before the corner 12 and Hamilton is the fastest with 330.8 km/h.

Mercedes engines dominate this speed trap as they have taken the top five positions, while Vettel and Raikkonen are sixth and seventh in front of Magnussen, who also uses this year’s Ferrari engine, Mercedes with the Mercedes engine and Grosjean, which also has this year’s Ferrari engine.

So Mercedes and Ferrari 2017  engines occupy the first 10 places in speed trap ranking.

The McLaren Honda drivers are the slowest and Alonso is astonishing 20 km/h slower than the fastest drivers.

USA GP Austin F1 2017 speed trap Photo FIA

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