Toro Rosso aero package for fast Baku Street Circuit

Toro Rosso has brought a rear wing that has even lower air resistance than the one used in Canada, which was already significantly different from the wings they used in most of this year’s races, and the package was completed with trimmed front wing.

The new rear wing has a curved main (lower) element that is lowered in the center and raised at the edges to reduce the downforce and the air resistance produced by the wing, which is also the main objective of this modification with regard to the extremely long straight on the Baku Street Circuit.

So the whole rear wing is shallower, but shorter if viewed from above, which also helps reduce drag. Sinusoidal shapes of rear wings are very popular in F1 this year as many teams have gone the same way for low downforce requirements as in recent years this has been done more or less only by Mercedes.

As the wing is shallower, endplates are also modified which now have only two horizontal slots that reduce turbulence at the edges of the wing. Toro Rosso was first to use open leading edge of these horizontal slits, later copied by most of the teams.

Also, a 20 cm wide wing over the central exhaust pipe (monkey seat) disappeared, with the aim of reducing air resistance even though Toro Rosso tested the configuration with that wing.

The front wing does not have the very upper element to reduce air resistance, but the wing at the edges still has an intact tunnel that serves to send strong vortices around the front wheels and thus reduce the impact of the rotating front wheels on the rest of the car, reducing drag and improving quality of the airflow behind.

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