Vettel and Raikkonen used different front suspension layouts in Malaysia

Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen in Malaysia have used different front suspension layouts since Raikkonen decided to keep the old configuration which is more suited to his driving style.

Ferrari’s new front suspension configuration, which is visually distinctly different from the old one, was first tested the test in Hungary and ran for the first time in Belgium where Vettel was surprisingly close to Hamilton and faster than the British driver in the race itself.

But then came Monza in which Ferrari did not have the right setup and where their car was not strong in the areas where it usually was – braking and accelerating from slow corners. But they had no problems in Singapore where Vettel convincedly won the pole position after searching for the ideal settings for the whole weekend and was the fastest in Q3 for the first time in that weekend. Raikkonen continued to struggle.

That is why the team in Malaysia decided to compare the old and new configuration of the front suspension and Raikkonen was the one who returned to the old because he had a better feeling with it.

Although it is difficult to compare two configurations because it is difficult to find two photos of Raikkonen’s and Vettel’s car at the same angle, on the title photo, signed by Auto Motor und Sport, it can be seen that the new suspension (upper part of the picture) has a different shade of gray where the upper whishbone joins the wheel.

The pushrod (the sloping element passing through the upper wishbone and joining the top of the chassis) is now at a slightly different angle while the overall changes affect the kinematics of the front suspension and the way the car warms up and wears its tyres.

It will be interesting to see which suspension configuration Raikkonen and Vettel will decide to use in Japan.

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