The new Williams 2018 F1 car is at the moment limited with corner entry istability, believes their technical chief Paddy Lowe, but says car will eventually show its potential as it has a completely different concept compared to the previous cars.

Paddy Lowe came to Williams in March 2017, and the team was also strengthened by aerodynamics expert Dirk de Beer from Ferrari.

The team finished fifth in 2017, just like in 2016, and for this season they have decided to change the concept of a car that takes more time to get the maximum out of it.

Their job is not made easy with young and inexperienced drivers Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin who get help from more experienced develop driver Robert Kubica.

“I think big changes to the car and the team that worked on it require more time for development and optimization,” Lowe told ESPN.

“I think we can make a lot of progress during this and next season. It’s too early, but the potential lies in the team.”

“Correlation is pretty good, and Williams’ ability to measure aerodynamic performance is one of the best I’ve seen.”

“Technology and people are very strong together. ”

“We have a brilliant wind tunnel that is right next to the best, so we have the right tools and we use them well, but I think there is a potential for even better.”

FW41 limited with ‘corner entry instability’

Lance Stroll Williams FW41 F1 2018
Lance Stroll, Williams FW41

Williams did not register fast lap times in the pre-season tests, but reliablity was very solid with fourth largest number of laps completed, behind the Mercedes, Ferrari and Toro Rosso Honda.

But the car’s behavior was not so good and drivers did not have the confidence to push it to the limit.

“We’ve been experimenting with the behavior of the car,” Lowe said.

“The car is currently limited by the corner entry instability.”

“This is often a limiting factor for the car to be honest, but it is currently particularly emphasized on our new car.”

“If we succeed in unlocking some potential, we will find a lot more time because some other aspects of the car work very, very good at the other stages of the corner.”

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